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Christopher Burkett

Northwest by Northwest Gallery,
Cannon Beach OR – Nov 25-Jan 5

Christopher Burkett - Golden Aspen Glade, Colorado
Christopher Burkett, Golden Aspen Glade, Colorado (2005), cibachrome [Northwest by Northwest Gallery, Cannon Beach OR, Nov 25-Jan 5]

Christopher Burkett’s large-scale colour photographs capture splendid moments in nature. His immaculate landscape prints, up to 50 inches wide, engross viewers with their fine details and delicate presentation of nature’s cycles. Burkett’s latest images, like Golden Aspen Glade, Colorado and Autumn Tempest, Utah, have a new panoramic format. They are exhibited with classic signature works like Cottonwood and Light, Utah where Burkett’s use of temporal light to transform actual hues is at its peak.

Christopher Burkett - Graceful Aspen, Colorado
Christopher Burkett, Graceful Aspen, Colorado (2005), cibachrome [Northwest by Northwest Gallery, Cannon Beach OR, Nov 25-Jan 5]

The spirit of nature compels Burkett to create images suffused with an inner radiance and soft glow. As he puts it, “I'm trying to show something that is precious and real: something that most people do not see.” Burkett, a native Oregonian, is nationally recognized for his darkroom mastery and Cibachrome prints. Devoted to the craft of conventional optical printing, Burkett does not crop or digitally manipulate any of his original photographs. Instead, he shoots them with a large format camera and uses 8" X 10" colour transparencies (in combination with black and white contact negatives) to achieve sharp contrast and luminosity, meticulously printing the work himself with sophisticated masking techniques.

Christopher Burkett - Cottonwood and Light, Utah
Christopher Burkett, Cottonwood and Light, Utah (1987), cibachrome [Northwest by Northwest Gallery, Cannon Beach OR, Nov 25-Jan 5]

Burkett studied with Ansel Adams and learned his system of zone exposure before working in offset printing and laser scanning. He produced detailed colour separations that eventually led to the acute chromatic sense and rich tonality that defines his work today. 

Just back from his fall shoot, Burkett will be at Northwest by Northwest Gallery on November 25 from 1-3pm to give an informal talk on “The Art and Craft of Traditional Darkroom Printing.”


Nov 25, 1-3pm – Informal talk by Christopher Burkett on “The Art and Craft of Traditional Darkroom Printing”, at Northwest by Northwest Gallery, 232 N Spruce, Cannon Beach, OR, (503)436-0741.

Allyn Cantor

Christopher Burkett - Autumn Tempest, Utah
Christopher Burkett, Autumn Tempest, Utah (2005), cibachrome [Northwest by Northwest Gallery, Cannon Beach OR, Nov 25-Jan 5]

 Tue, Nov 7, 2006