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Aron Hill:
Birds in Opposition, A Natural History

Jennifer Kostuik Gallery
Vancouver BC – Nov 9-26

Aron Hill, ah28 (2006)

Aron Hill, ah28 (2006), pencil on paper [Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver BC, Nov 9-26]

Alberta-based artist Aron Hill graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) in May of 2000 with a BFA major in painting & sculpture.

Since that time, his paintings have shown extensive experimentation with improbable combinations of styles and techniques  – airbrush gradations with paint spatters, and diagrammatic shapes with smooth watercolour washes. Hill’s most recent series of work, Birds in Opposition, A Natural History, are pencil and paper bird images, complete with places to live and escape from. They are as elegant and refined as Audubons drawings, but their anatomically incorrect forms and individual characters give them almost human souls.

Since 2000, Aron has been exhibiting at the Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, which previewed his Loveland series in 2003. The Herringer Kiss Gallery in Calgary, Alberta also represents Aron’s work. In 2006, he received his Master of Fine Arts in painting from Goldsmith College, London, England.

He writes, “It is in the process of stripping down and focusing where the environment becomes sterile and stark. It is in this environment where the details become obvious and where naturalism and architecture is faced quietly and scientifically. Empirical processes are fictionalized and the affect of minimalism is played out in a controlled space that makes spectacles of the given objects. Using minimal tools, colours and objects the rhetoric is minimized and becomes primarily concerned with formalism. After this concern the subject is rooted in architecture’s opposition to nature and human’s manifestation of this opposition, including mine.”

Mia Johnson

 Thu, Nov 9, 2006