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Dale Lindman: Substance of Matter

Foster White Gallery
Seattle WA Nov 2-25, 2006

Dale Lindman - Approaching Twilight
Dale Lindman, Approaching Twilight (2006), acrylic emulsion, mixed media on canvas and wood panels [Foster White Gallery, Seattle WA, Nov 2-25]

The exhibit of Seattle-based painter Dale Lindman, Substance of Matter, continues the artist's investigation into the capacity of physical materials to create impasto effects and simultaneously convey atmospheric conditions. Like abstract expressionists Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still and Richard Diebenkorn in the late 1940s and early 50s, Lindman has effectively created minimal compositions. They hint at landscapes but are more formal, often controlled by contrasting textures applied in bands across the panels.

The nonobjective, reductive approach in Lindman's work is less obvious when the surfaces are studied carefully. They are, in fact more like relief sculptures than paintings. He uses a conglomeration of acrylic emulsions, dry pigments and glass micro beads combined in thick layers. The materials create surface conditions like cracks and fissures that relate his work to natural materials like rusted metal, patterns of granite, corroded paint and the cracking of sun-baked earth. His titles, such as Approaching Twilight and Thicket of the Sun, express shifting moments where atmospheric light creates ephemeral experiences. The resulting sheen of the deep satin surfaces provoke the kind of introspection one imagines Lindman feels when creating such evocative paintings.

Dale Lindman - Circles at the Lake

Dale Lindman, Circles at the Lake (2006), acrylic emulsion, mixed media on wood panels [Foster White Gallery, Seattle WA, Nov 2-25]

Dale Lindman - Thicket of Sun

Dale Lindman, Thicket of Sun (2006), acrylic emulsion, mixed media on canvas panels [Foster White Gallery, Seattle WA, Nov 2-25]

Dale Lindman received his MFA from the University of Washington in 1982. He has taught at Pratt Fine Arts Center and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Currently Lindman teaches at Bellevue Community College.


Allyn Cantor

 Tue, Nov 14, 2006