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Martin Ouellette: No Trespassing

Snap Contemporary Art
Vancouver BC – Nov 15-Dec 8

Martin Ouellette, Nail #2

Martin Ouellette, Nail #2, (2006),
photograph [Snap Contemporary Art, Vancouver BC, Nov 15-Dec 8]

In the new series of work, No Trespassing, Toronto artist Martin Oulette presents his enlargements of everyday detritus. “Captivated by lonely and forgotten things,” he creates airbrushed photo-realist paintings depicting old nails embedded in wood; crumpled newspapers and magazines; rough bark and other debris.

His subjects are loosely defined, with focal points painted in more detail. The images rely for their visual impact on the use of a photographic depth of field. Ouellette increases an aura of surrealism with unlikely, saturated colour combinations, as well as blurred passages into hazy backgrounds.

Ouellete graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2002 and did advanced studies in studio practices in Florence, Italy. His work has been exhibited in Toronto, including the Toronto International Art Fair (2005) and several exhibits at the SPIN Gallery and Gallery Neubacher.

The Snap Contemporary Art Gallery on west 3rd Avenue is the brainchild of Barry Dumka. After spending a year in Paris as an art dealer’s assistant, Dumka seeks to show “an appreciation for all that art can be… not what it fashions but how it informs.”

Mia Johnson

 Tue, Nov 7, 2006