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Kevin Tolman

Gallery Jones
Vancouver BC – Nov 1-30

Emmet Gowin - Assemble Buildings and Munitions Storage, Hawthorne Army Depot, Nevada (1988)

Kevin Tolman, The Conjuror (2006), acrylic on canvas [Gallery Jones, Vancouver BC, Nov 1-30]

Artist Kevin Tolman from Albuquerque, New Mexico is exhibiting his abstract paintings in Vancouver during November. Painted in off-key colours, the canvasses are filled with small shapes that appear energetic and capricious. The colours, textures and tones of his organic world – cavorting layers of amoeba-like loops, drips, dots, specks and spirals – collide with shapes that appear more manufactured.

Tolman obviously has a deep sense of the natural world and its complexity, although he is primarily a painter. As he writes, “I see [my paintings] as symbols of continuity and flux, often as a sort of snippet of nature. Distillations or windows that catch everything going on all the time, all at once… parts flying or swimming off in every direction. And, of course, I also see them clearly as paintings that are objects on their own, first and foremost.” They are an elaborate improvisation on both nature and painting.

Tolman was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1949 and is a graduate of the Center for Creative Studies. He left Detroit in 1977 to paint in Ireland for nine months, then returned to live and work in Texas. He also lived in Lawrence, Kansas and Los Angeles before moving to the Ramah Navajo Reservation in New Mexico in 1981. He settled in the Duranes area of Albuquerque where he built an adobe house and studio in 1987. Tolman’s paintings have been recently collected by the State of New Mexico and the Albuquerque Museum of Art.

Mia Johnson

 Tue, Nov 7, 2006