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The Art of Food

Concourse Gallery, Emily Carr Institute
Vancouver, BC, January 7–16, 2008

The Art of Food is a curated exhibition of food-related artworks shown in conjunction with panel discussions, lectures and films. Sponsored by the Sandbar Restaurant on Granville Island, the show was conceived and developed by students Debbie Westergaard Tuepah and Wendi Copeland at the Emily Carr Institute, with guest curators Sadira Rodrigues and Randy Lee Cutler.

Approximately 20 artists are showing work from the fine arts to animation, film, industrial design, communication design, digital media and photography. Pieces by ECI alumni, masters candidates and undergraduate students are featured. As part of The Art of Food exhibition, a student collaborative run by Justin Novak in Ceramics has teamed with The Sandbar Restaurant to create customized utilitarian products. Factory is an experiment in mass-production operating within the Ceramics Department of Emily Carr Institute.

The varied artworks reveal the diverse impact of food on our lives and the way it influences our relationships with environment, health, politics, science, beauty, safety and security. Whether growing, harvesting, preparing or consuming food, people are participating in much wider social experiences than may be readily apparent. Updated information about the exhibit and events can be found at www.artoffood.ca.


 Fri, Nov 2, 2007