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Art Gallery of Alberta
Edmonton AB – Jan 19-Mar 24, 2008

Eliza Griffiths, Another Perfect Day

Eliza Griffiths, Another Perfect Day (1997), oil on canvas [Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton AB, Jan 19-Mar 24]

GENERATION features a selection of contemporary artists from Canada and the United States, whose work incorporates the icons, images and ideals of North American youth. From subcultures and street scenes to their pop icons and dreams, the exhibition provides a small glimpse into the world of teens, the life created for them and the life they create for themselves.

Over the course of the last century, teen mores and lifestyles have become the dominant focus of popular culture. In recent years, teenagers have become an incredible force within all areas of society and now influence over $200 billion in sales, driving product development, advertising and technological development. 71% of teens have created online profiles on social networking sites that are being plumbed by marketers. Their opinions and preferences are used as a basis for macro-marketing, narrowcasting and strategic partnerships.

GENERATION showcases work by influential young artists Daniel Barrow, Dan Colen, Anthony Goicolea, Eliza Griffiths, Justine Kurland, Kyla Mallett, Alex Morrison, Jeremy Shaw and Janet Werner.

In various media – including narrated animations, conceptual sculptures, photographs merged with social commentary, staged photographs, and paintings exploring sex and gender – the artists explore themes of identity-oriented branding. Ironically, the imagery also reveals how technology and marketing cause youth to respond to the comfort and security of marketing values and direction.


Mia Johnson

Eliza Griffiths, Penthouse

Eliza Griffiths, Penthouse Suite (1997), oil on canvas [Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton AB, Jan 19-Mar 24]

Eliza Griffiths, Penthouse

Kyla Mallett, Hello!!! (2004), 1 Lightjet print [Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton AB, Jan 19-Mar 24]

Kyla Mallett, Girl Pearls

Janet Werner, Puppy and Pearls (no date), oil on canvas [Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton AB, Jan 19-Mar 24]

 Sun, Nov 11, 2007