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Lost & Found:
New Photo-Based Works by Heidi Kirkpatrick

Portland OR – Dec 6-Jan 19, 2008

Heidi Kirkpatrick - Kneeling in Red

Heidi Kirkpatrick, Kneeling in Red (2007), photograph on found object [Chambers, Portland OR, Dec 16-Jan 19]

The photographic images of Portland artist Heidi Kirkpatrick are generally figurative. She uses the female form to convey societal pressures toward the objectification of women and the complexities of the feminine allure. Her new photographic work is object-based and increasingly in a mixed media format.

Kirkpatrick is securing transparent photographs to such found objects as wooden toy blocks and a set of mahjong tiles. The works tell a fragmented narrative that she infuses with the nostalgia and memory of the object's history. She confines sections of the body to small surfaces in order to create a playful tension between pictorial two-dimensional spaces and tangible three-dimensional materials.

Heidi Kirkpatrick - Wine Box

Heidi Kirkpatrick, Wine Box (2007), photograph on found object [Chambers, Portland OR, Dec 16-Jan 19]

Similarly, her light box pieces and other box works have a sense of containment that is heightened by her focus on certain portions of the body, like hands and torsos. Kirkpatrick frames her subjects tightly against the deep stark grounds of her black and white photos, which makes the anatomy more iconic and less specific.

Other pieces use MRIs and X-rays of Kirkpatrick layered on the pages of vintage books to express the distress and pain of personal physical traumas. In her “Lost Art” series, she set a transparent outstretched arm atop markings that include penmanship, shorthand and typewriter markings, which feel like tattoos on the surface of skin. Her cyanotypes of miniature Barbie Doll clothing represent unrealistic notions about women fitting the mold of a perfect specimen.


Allyn Cantor

Heidi Kirkpatrick - Penmanship

Heidi Kirkpatrick, Penmanship [Lost Art Series] (2007), photo-based mixed media [Chambers, Portland OR, Dec 16-Jan 19]

Heidi Kirkpatrick - Winning Hand

Heidi Kirkpatrick, Winning Hand (2007), photograph on found object (vintage bakelite mahjong tiles and coins on original rack) [Chambers, Portland OR, Dec 16-Jan 19]

 Sun, Nov 11, 2007