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Chris Millar

Trepanier Baer Gallery
Calgary AB – Jan 4–26, 2008

Chris Millar Heads I Made (2), 2006
Acrylic on canvas [Trepanier Baer Gallery, Calgary AB, Jan 4-26]   

Chris Millar Heads I Made (3)

Chris Millar Heads I Made (3) (2006), acrylic on canvas [Trepanier Baer Gallery, Calgary AB, Jan 4-26]

The insanely chaotic paintings of Calgary artist Chris Millar appear to have been created by a run-away Mixmaster spewing maps, signs and comic books. What appear to be densely layered collages of figures, text and patterns are actually impenetrable compositions painted with acrylic on canvases. Completely idiosyncratic, the distinctive imagery highlights a new generation of artists influenced by contemporary mass media.

Millar culls his source material from comic books, manga, rock music, video games, television, pop culture and other artwork to create eccentric pieces filled with fragments of text. They have been compared to the frenzied pages of Mad magazine and described as “taking the art of doodling to the extreme” with 000-size paintbrushes. After moving from early comic-book style layouts to panelled pieces, Miller flouts the boundaries of the format in his new work to indicate he is just warming up.

Chris Millar was born in Alberta. He completed a Fine Arts Diploma at Grant MacEwan Community College, Edmonton, Alberta (1998), a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary (2000), and an Alberta Biennial New Works residency at the Banff Centre (2005). He was one of 15 semi-finalists in the 2005 RBC Canadian Painting Competition. His work has been shown at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Saint Mary's University Gallery, Bau-Xi Gallery, Galerie Sussex Gallery, the Alberta Biennial Of Contemporary Art Exhibition, Walter Phillips Gallery and Edmonton Art Gallery.


Mia Johnson

Chris Millar, The Magic Mortar [detail], (2007), acrylic on canvas [TrépanierBaer, Calgary, Jan 4-26, 2008]

 Wed, Apr 2, 2008