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Kelly Jazvac, Michael Doerksen,
James Carl: PULP

Open Space
Victoria BC – Dec 8-15, 2007, Jan 8-18, 2008

Kelly Jazvac, DeLorean

Kelly JazvacDeLorean, installation of printed and laminated paper [Open Space, Vixtoria BC, Dec 8-15, Jan 8-18]

PULP is an exhibition of intriguing artworks made from paper that has been cut, folded, printed, crushed or constructed into objects. The PULP curatorial team of Megan Dickie, Ross Macaulay and Rebecca Michaels asked artists Kelly Jazvac from Toronto, Michael Doerksen from Montreal and James Carl from Guelph to reinterpret paper in a way that would emphasize its objecthood as a humble everyday material, and the results are ingenuous.

Emerging artist Kelly Jazvac uses paper to exaggerate social fascinations and foibles. Two sculptures in this exhibit, entitled DeLorean and Part of the Enterprise, are enlarged versions of paper patterns she downloaded from www.papertoys.com.

From the ultimate in rainy-day activities to her DeLorean installation of 514 laminated, laser-printed sheets laid out on the gallery floor, Jazvac transformed what was intended to be a small, handheld construction whimsy to a commentary on the car’s failure. Michael Doerksen uses scaled and recoloured paper craft models to invoke a theatrically sculptural context, and James Carl will be showing a wood-grain wallpaper originally intended for installation at Open Space in 2003.

Public events in conjunction with PULP include a paper construction room, possibly made from paper itself, where the public can cut out and assemble downloadable paper constructions; a limited edition catalogue with a hand-made cover and paper pop-ups; commemorative paper objects created by each artist; and a weekend workshop on paper-craft, book works and paper sculpture.


Mia Johnson

 Sat, Nov 3, 2007