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Catherine Grisez, Lil Pumper

Catherine Grisez, Lil Pumper, copper, sterling silver, lava, hematite [William Traver Gallery, Tacoma WA Dec 13-Feb 8]

Catherine Grisez

William Traver Gallery
Tacoma WA – Dec 13, 2008 – Feb 8, 2009

Catherine Grisez, Trust

Catherine Grisez, Trust, copper, sterling silver, aventurine [William Traver Gallery, Tacoma WA Dec 13-Feb 8]

Catherine Grisez, Transmutation

Catherine Grisez, Transmutation, copper, stainless steel, cubic zirconium, garnet, coral, moonstone, pink opal, cherry quartz [William Traver Gallery, Tacoma WA Dec 13-Feb 8]

In new metal sculptures, Seattle artist Catherine Grisez has derived imagery from underground root systems and from the inhabitants of such ecosystems. Suspended from the walls and ceiling of the gallery, her intimate sculptures of hollow organic shapes are fabricated primarily from hammered copper and other sheet metal. Set within them, detailed elements made from electroformed carved wax provide most of the intricacy in these pieces.

The installation creates an imaginary subterranean environment. Grisez's simple forms largely resemble seed pods, some of which appear to be split open. In Transmutation, the delicately textured innards resemble the interior of a pomegranate. In other works, the biomorphic forms are more ambiguous. Obscure egg-like specimens appear to represent larval states or to characterize a reproductive phase. For example, in Lil' Pumper, the bulbous copper suggests skin bursting with the pressure of new life.

Grisez was initially trained as a jeweller and often sets coral and gemstones such as garnet, moonstone and opal into her pristinely crafted works. Informed by a personal narrative, Grisez's works become a metaphor for the ongoing emotional growth and change that we undergo as human beings. Cyclic processes include letting go of restrictive feelings, moving from dark to light states of being, and believing in the ability of the universe to provide abundance.


Allyn Cantor

 Fri, Nov 7, 2008