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Chris Langstroth: New Works

Kurbatoff Gallery
Vancouver BC – Nov 19–Dec 3, 2008

Chris Langstroth, Advancing Figures

Chris Langstroth, Advancing Figures (2008), acrylic on canvas [Kurbatoff Gallery, Vancouver BC Nov 19-Dec 3]

Chris Langstroth, Orchard Run

Chris Langstroth, Orchard Run (2008), acrylic on canvas [Kurbatoff Gallery, Vancouver BC Nov 19-Dec 3]

Chris Langstroth, Morning Address

Chris Langstroth, Morning Address (2008), acrylic on canvas [Kurbatoff Gallery, Vancouver BC Nov 19-Dec 3]

Chris Langstroth combines photographic perspectives with palette knife painting in unique canvasses in the four-foot range. The abstracted images, mostly recognizable street scenes with figures, hover on the cusp between unformed pigment and representation. "In each painting," he writes, "I'm searching for the most compelling combination of imagery and abstract paint quality." The physicality of the paint is prominent.

Photographic foreshortening and oblique angles, together with the shifting planes of the subject matter, give an intriguing sense of urgency and motion to his work. The images, painted with low-key colours in a Futurist style, are disquieting. They share a forceful sense of diagonal movement in space, an emotional ambience linking the exterior scenes to interior emotions, and a sense of simultaneity that appears to combine memories, present impressions and anticipation of future events.

Chris Langstroth attended the Ontario College of Art between 1978-1980 and earned a BAA in Film and Photography at Ryerson University in 1985. He has shown extensively in Toronto, with 16 shows at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition since 1991. He was the winner of the 2002 Artist for Artists Award and won First Prize in the 1997 Praxis Group Show, Toronto. This is his second solo exhibit at Vancouver's Kurbatoff Gallery.


Mia Johnson

 Fri, Nov 7, 2008