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Brian Boulton: Drawings
Christian Nicolay: Collections in Faith

Winsor Gallery, Vancouver BC – Nov 5-29, 2009

Christian Nicolay, Blind Faith

Christian NicolayBlind Faith (2009), stills from experimental video [Winsor Gallery, Vancouver BC, Nov 5-29]

Christian Nicolay, Faith in mythology

Christian NicolayFaith in mythology (2006-2026, work in progress), site specific performance, 
photograph with variable dimensions [Winsor Gallery, Vancouver BC, Nov 5-29]

Brian Boulton

Brian Boulton, Untitled [Mark] (2009), graphite and pastel pencil [Winsor Gallery, Vancouver BC, Nov 5-29]

Brian Boulton

Brian Boulton, Untitled [leather jacket] (2009), graphite and pastel pencil [Winsor Gallery, Vancouver BC, Nov 5-29]

In a second exhibit of pencil drawings of young males at the Winsor Gallery, Vancouver artist Brian Boulton reproduces simple black and white photographs of solitary figures in fine graphic detail. The painstaking drawings reveal subtle minutiae of torn hems, leather shoes, seams of thread and folds of fabric.

Since 2006, Boulton has been a studio assistant to Attila Richard Lukacs. He worked with Geoffrey Farmer on his Dumpster Installation in 2001, as well as with Brian Jungen for his exhibit at the Charles H. Scott Gallery and for Untitled 2001 at the CAG. A musician as well as an installation assistant, Boulton recorded soundtracks at the Western Front and worked with the Braineaters in the 1980s. His background also includes visual merchandising and home décor. In 1983, he took Film and Art History courses at Langara College, Vancouver.

Christian Nicolay, who in recent years has rotated through the Elliott Louis Gallery, Ballard Lederer Gallery and the Bau-Xi Gallery, continues his practice of collage and mixed media in a new series, Collections in Faith. Chance and spontaneity play an important part in his choice of subject matter and incorporation of found objects. Nicolay has a BFA (2000) from the Okanagan University College in Kelowna, and has been the recipient of a number of awards including several Helen Pitt Awards and a Canada Council travel grant.


Mia Johnson

 Mon, Nov 16, 2009