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Margie Livingston: Riff

Greg Kucera Gallery
Seattle WA – Nov 19-Dec 24, 2009

Margie Livingston, Folded Painting

Margie Livingston, Folded Painting, Small (2009), acrylic [Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle WA, Nov 19-Dec 24]

Phoney Picasso

Margie LivingstonTurn Over (2009), oil on canvas on panel [Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle WA, Nov 19-Dec 24]

Real Picasso

Margie Livingston, Pink (CC) (2009), acrylic [Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle WA, Nov 19-Dec 24]

Margie Livingston creates elaborate architectural models in her studio to formulate spatial relationships that she can paint from. The physical arrangements combine organic objects like branches with built grid-like structures, melding together natural and man-made forms. Livingston studies the studio sculptures as still life and extracts information about perspective, depth of field, and the formal qualities of light.

The paintings that result are far less rigid than their source. Livingston's expressionistic approach to space is energetic and alive. These paintings feel loosely invented rather than studied and contrived. Livingston's picture plane alludes to the material structure of her model instead of actually rendering it. Her interest is evidently in depicting the web of space around the tangible elements she references.

Reversing her usual process, Livingston has also created several small sculptural works constructed by application of layers and layers of acrylic paint. The objects are both three-dimensional paintings and sculptures made of paint.

Livingston earned her MFA in painting from the University of Washington in 1999. She has since travelled to Germany on a Fulbright scholarship and was also a recipient of the prestigious Betty Bowen Annual Memorial Award from the Seattle Art Museum.


Allyn Cantor

 Sun, Dec 13, 2009