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Romi Sloboda, Celadon cup

Romi Sloboda, Celadon cup, mixed media print [Omega Gallery, Vancouver BC, Nov 15-Dec 11]

Romi Sloboda and Wayne Ngan

Omega Gallery
Vancouver BC – Nov 15-Dec 11, 2010

Wayne Ngan, Poppy Seed Vase

Wayne Ngan, poppy seed vase (2010), ceramic [Omega Gallery, Vancouver BC, Nov 15-Dec 11]

Romi Sloboda, Black Pomegranates I

Romi Sloboda, Black Pomegranates I, mixed media print [Omega Gallery, Vancouver BC, Nov 15-Dec 11]

Romi Sloboda, Labyrinth V

Romi Sloboda, Labyrinth V, mixed media print [Omega Gallery, Vancouver BC, Nov 15-Dec 11]

Santa Fe printmaker Romi Sloboda has explored the motif of Korean stoneware jars for 20 years using various silkscreen, collagraph, wood block and collage techniques. She employs the urn shape as a starting point for mixed media prints on paper that share Asian and Western cross-cultural sensibilities. Described by the Rodger LaPelle Galleries in Philadelphia as having “a spiritual flavor”, they demonstrate how the print process can be used as a means to create repetition and pattern.

Romi Sloboda grew up in the United States and in Seoul, Korea, her mother's native city. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts at Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri with a concentration in printmaking. She later studied in Florence, Italy. In recent work she has been experimenting with the shape of an antique celadon cup.

The pottery of BC artist Wayne Ngan is similarly credited with “the presence in form and spirit of Far-Eastern ceramics”. Ngan immigrated to Canada as a young teen and graduated from the Vancouver School of Art in 1963. He has lived and worked on Hornby Island for most of his career. In 1983, he received the Saidye Bronfman Award for outstanding craftsmanship, and a collection of his work is on permanent display in the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa. Over the years Ngan has returned many times to China, Taiwan and Japan to teach, conduct research and show his work. The current exhibit at the Omega Gallery presents hand-built and wheel-turned forms that variously show his experimentations with calligraphy, Chinese brush techniques, raku pottery, salt glazes, and etched decorative surfaces.


Mia Johnson

Romi Sloboda, Celadon cup

Wayne Ngan, oil spot tea bowl (2010), ceramic [Omega Gallery, Vancouver BC, Nov 15-Dec 11]

 Thu, Nov 4, 2010