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Jennifer Stead, The River

Jennifer Stead, The River (2010), charcoal on paper [Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver BC, Nov 13-Dec 5]

Jennifer Stead: Resonance

Jennifer Kostuik Gallery
Vancouver BC – Nov 13-Dec 5, 2010

Jennifer Stead, Forest Path

Jennifer Stead, Forest Path (2010), charcoal on paper [Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver BC, Nov 13-Dec 5]

John Will, Flatbush Avenue

Jennifer Stead, Lichen (2010), charcoal on paper [Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver BC, Nov 13-Dec 5]

Jennifer Stead is an Ottawa artist currently residing in Banff, Alberta. Last March and April, she completed a 125-foot mural at Ottawa City Hall that illustrates a forest path lined with trees. Resonance is a series of charcoal drawings at Jennifer Kostuik Gallery with a similar theme.

Ideas for her images are drawn from various real and imagined sources, including Blue Willow pottery, Stead’s childhood in the Laurentian Mountains, and her work as a gardener in Banff. The monochromatic images of mountains, lakes, views, paths, and rocks have a thin, loose, sketchy style and are between four and six feet in size. They provoke a sense of narrative or lived experience as well as a sense of memory and dreams.

Jennifer Stead has been painting landscapes for twenty years. She received her BFA at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax (1982) and earned an MFA at the University ofCalgary (2007). Her work has been shown in both public and private galleries since the early 1980s. She began showing at Jennifer Kostuik Gallery in 2001 and also exhibits with Paul Kuhn, Calgary and Birch-Libralato Gallery, Toronto. She has taught in a variety of institutions including NSCAD and ACAD, and her work is represented in various private, public and corporate collections nationally. Stead has been the recipient of many provincial and federal arts grants, including Canada Council, and several artist residencies.


Mia Johnson

 Thu, Nov 4, 2010