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Luis Camnitzer, Landscape as an Attitude (1979)

Ray Mead, Untitled (1997), oil on canvas, [Granville Fine Art, Vancouver BC, Nov 26-Dec 10]

Ray Mead (1921-1998)

Granville Fine Art
Vancouver BC – Nov 26-Dec 10, 2011

Ray Mead, Untitled

Ray Mead, Untitled (c. 1956), oil on canvas, [Granville Fine Art, Vancouver BC, Nov 26-Dec 10]

Ray Mead: Works from the Collection of Carolynn Lund-Mead honours a pioneer of contemporary painting in Canada and member of the Painters Eleven. The Painters Eleven was formed in 1953 with the aim of promoting more abstract and experimental art than what was being produced by the Group of Seven. The group included prominent artists Jack Bush, Harold Town, Jock MacDonald and Ray Mead during its exciting and contentious eight years.

Ray Mead has been described as “a purposeful painter with a sophisticated sense of composition.” An admirer of the work of Franz Kline and Nicolas de Staël, Mead composed simple arrangements of line and shape that nonetheless have a strong anecdotal quality. He worked with multiple layers of paint to build up “paintscapes” that strove to capture a child-like quality, although they were executed with great sophistication.

Mead’s work was included in shows at the National Gallery of Canada in 1956, 1972 and 1992. Until his death in 1998, he showed in many solo, two-person and group exhibitions in Ontario and Quebec. His work is in numerous collections including the National Gallery of Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario. A retrospective of his paintings and drawings was recently shown at Barbara Edwards Contemporary, Toronto.


Mia Johnson

 Mon, Nov 14, 2011