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Allan Switzer, The Two Mikes (1984/2012)

Allan Switzer, The Two Mikes (1984/2012), archival pigment print [Winsor Gallery, Vancouver BC, Dec 6-Jan 13]

Allan Switzer: See Me Feel Me

Winsor Gallery
Vancouver BC – Dec 6, 2012-Jan 13, 2013

Allan Switzer, See Me Feel Me (2012)

Allan Switzer, See Me Feel Me (2012), acrylic on linen [Winsor Gallery, Vancouver BC, Dec 6-Jan 13]

Calgary-born artist Allan Switzer came relatively late to art as an Emily Carr student at age 35. He subsequently went on to do an MFA at Concordia University. His paintings and prints have been influenced by many groups and he has worked in a number of styles, from figurative realism to linear abstraction. Switzer has shown in New York, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto and Calgary, among other locations, and is a former Monte Clark artist (1994–2003).

In 1996, he began creating intense overlays of modernist elements integrated with computer-assisted designs, laboriously applied in layers of paint and print. Whether as linear compositions or mazes, Switzer continues to calculate his images by using a computer to create motifs, generate iterations, deform perspectives and plan the application of layers. The final effect seems calculated to frustrate field dependence and other functions of visual perception.

As he writes, “I continue to utilize the motifs of abstraction, minimalist grids, stripes and images, and fonts and these works could be read as complex systems of reference, effecting a collision of signs and elements of disparate painterly discourse. The specific interrelationships of these appropriated parts leave meaning residing not in some essence or identity but precisely in the interplay of the various elements.”


Mia Johnson

Allan Switzer, Bubble Gum (2012)

Allan Switzer, Bubble Gum (2012), acrylic on linen [Winsor Gallery, Vancouver BC, Dec 6-Jan 13]

 Fri, Nov 2, 2012