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Dina Goldstein, Bedroom

Dina Goldstein, Bedroom (2012), pigment on archival paper [Kimoto Gallery, Vancouver BC, Oct 29-Nov 15]

Dina Goldstein: In the Dollhouse

Kimoto Gallery
Vancouver BC – Oct 29-Nov 15, 2013

Dina Goldstein is an editorial photographer who explores the role of women in fairy tales using staged sets. In 2007, she created a series of images entitled Fallen Princesses. She employed Snow White, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood and similar characters from children’s fables, as well as Pocahontas, Ariel and Belle from Disney movies, to comment on contemporary issues of poverty, obesity, cancer and pollution. The staged photographs received global attention for her critical commentary on the Disney world, and raised questions about the lives women are expected to lead compared with the actual lives they experience.

In 2011, Goldstein created In the Dollhouse, a series of scenes depicting the marriage of Barbie and Ken falling apart. Using a small crew of friends and helpers, the Vancouver photographer painted rooms Barbie- pink and filled them with life-sized replicas of Barbie furniture. She found beautiful models to play Barbie and Ken, and then posed them in 10 encounters that explored assumptions about physical beauty, gender, stereotyping, marriage and social expectations. The work, which has been widely shown and reviewed on the Internet and featured in dozens of publications, is being shown at the Kimoto Gallery during the Capture Photography Festival.

Mia Johnson

Dina Goldstein, Breakfast

Dina Goldstein, Breakfast (2012), pigment on archival paper [Kimoto Gallery, Vancouver BC, Oct 29-Nov 15]

 Sat, Nov 9, 2013