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James Holroyd, Lisianthus 1

James Holroyd, Lisianthus 1 (2013), cyanotype on panel [Newzones Gallery, Calgary AB, Nov 28-Jan 11]

James Holroyd: Flora

Newzones Gallery
Calgary AB – Nov 28, 2013-Jan 11, 2014

Alberta artist James Holroyd has been experimenting with the pinhole camera and related photographic techniques for the past 15 years. He is well known for his bromoil photographs of antique toys and dolls. These ink-gelatin images are individually printed by hand using brushes and sponges. His more recent work introduces flower heads, stems and leaves. Both the plants and the old toys admirably suit his style with their slightly out-of-focus, monochromatic and antediluvian appearance.

His floral- and plant-based imagery is created in cyanotype. Using four- by five- inch negatives, he prints the photos on wood panels of the same size and shape as the photos, and then assembles the separate pieces. The underlying grain of the wood comes through, and the edges of the wood act as grids where the tonal value and lighting change unevenly. The saturated, other-worldly blues give his work a haunting, ethereal appearance.

Holroyd has a master’s degree in English literature and teaches in the Artstream program, a joint project of Bow Valley College and the Alberta College of Art and Design. His work has been shown in numerous international art fairs, including those in Miami, San Francisco, Boston and New York.

Mia Johnson

James Holroyd, Rose 3

James Holroyd, Rose 3 (2013), Cyanotype on panel [Newzones Gallery, Calgary AB, Nov 28-Jan 11]

 Sat, Nov 9, 2013