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Andreas Bunte, Suspended Duration

Andreas Bunte, Suspended Duration (2014), film still [Republic Gallery, Vancouver BC, Oct 16-Nov 8]

Andreas Bunte: Lettuce partially emerging
from a shopping bag

Republic Gallery
Vancouver BC – Oct 16-Nov 8, 2014

Two Films About Pressure

Or Gallery
Vancouver BC – Oct 18-Nov 22, 2014

Andreas Bunte is a Berlin-based artist whose recent work consists of short films and film-based installations that employ assemblage, audio and text. Of interest to Bunte are situations where technological, architectural, psychological, biological and ideological systems intersect, and the ways in which those intersections define and limit space. His latest project is concerned with the genre of the scientific research film and “its attempt to subjugate film to the idea of utmost realism.”

For his exhibition at Republic, Bunte – SFU’s Audain Visual Artist in Residence – is presenting Lettuce partially emerging from a shopping bag (2014), a film based on his research at a German motion studies archive. In his film, hands are seen entering a gridded frame, manipulating consumer products. The question is not what these hands are doing, but how the objects respond to them.

Showing at the Or are Bunte’s Künstliche Diamanten (Synthetic Diamonds) (2013) and Undertuck (Low-Pressure) (2013). The first film focuses on the artificial manufacture of diamonds in the former German Democratic Republic. The second film turns to another pre-unification GDR project: a training facility that simulates high-altitude conditions in an effort to keep East German athletes from going abroad to train – and potentially defecting.

Hans W. Mende, Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, 9. November 1989

Hans W. Mende, Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, 9. November 1989 (1989), photograph [Or Gallery, Vancouver BC, Oct 18-Nov 22]

 Sun, Nov 9, 2014