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Mircea Cantor: Collected Works

Rennie Collection at Wing Sang
Vancouver BC – Nov 8, 2014-Mar 28, 2015

Mircea Cantor, Wind Orchestra

Mircea Cantor, Wind Orchestra (2012), HD video on loop [Rennie Collection at Wing Sang, Vancouver BC, Nov 8-Mar 28]

Mircea Cantor, Rosace
Mircea Cantor, Rosace (2007), Plexiglas, cans [Rennie Collection at Wing Sang, Vancouver BC, Nov 8-Mar 28]

In his first solo exhibition in Canada, 37-year-old Romanian artist Mircea Cantor’s works reflect his range of media, including sculpture, photography and short video. It is the last he has become best known for, and several of these can be seen at this show.

In Deeparture (2005), a wolf lies sleepily in the white cube of the gallery. As the camera moves, so too does the wolf, which gets to its feet as if roused. Following a close-up shot of the wolf’s face is a reverse shot that pans up from the floor to reveal a deer. Although what follows is an interplay between two ostensible enemies, it is the presence and movement of the camera that provide the third element – the proverbial elephant – in the room.

A more recent video is Wind Orchestra (2012), where a boy plays dominoes with a set of steak knives, standing them on their handles and then blowing them over with his breath. Potentially dangerous materials are also treated lightly in another video, Double Heads Matches (2003). For this one, Cantor commissioned a match factory to double-dip its matches by hand, thereby creating a more powerful explosive than what the factory’s consumers are accustomed to.


Michael Turner

 Sun, Nov 9, 2014