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Kim Dorland, Trampoline

Kim Dorland, Trampoline (2007), oil and acrylic on canvas over wood panel [Contemporary Calgary, Calgary AB, Oct 16-Jan 18]t

Kim Dorland: Homecoming

Contemporary Calgary
Calgary AB – Oct 16, 2014-Jan 18, 2015

Kim Dorland, Wooded Area

Kim Dorland, Wooded Area (2006), oil and acrylic on canvas over wood panel [Contemporary Calgary, Calgary AB, Oct 16-Jan 18]

Fresh off the heels of his well-publicized 2013 exhibition at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, the Alberta-born Toronto resident Kim Dorland has returned to his native province for a survey that emphasizes his equally well-publicized up-and-down childhood in Red Deer.

Knowing something of Dorland’s early life provides a clue to understanding his development as an artist. After leaving home at 17, he was taken in by his girlfriend’s family, where, in the relative calm of their suburban middle-class world, he was exposed to books on the Group of Seven and his future idol, Tom Thomson.

Evidence of Thomson’s work can be found in Dorland’s colour sense, his thick and sometimes aggressive applications of paint and his interest in nature. Yet, unlike Thomson’s work, Dorland’s acrylic landscapes hold more invasive elements of the culture that determines them. In this sense, he is less an channeler of Thomson than an artist in conversation with contemporaries such as Peter Doig and Daniel Richter.


Michael Turner

 Sun, Nov 9, 2014