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Robert Youds, Your continuation

Robert Youds, Your continuation (2016), vinyl, aluminum, powder-coated steel, controller, timer, Plexiglas [Slide Room Gallery, Victoria BC, Nov 4-28]

The Imaginary Machine: Lynda Gammon, Tyler Hodgins
John Luna, Neil McClelland, Xane St Phillip, Robert Youds

Slide Room Gallery
Victoria BC – Nov 4-28, 2016

Executive Director of the Vancouver Island School of Art, Wendy Welch, curates this exhibition of work from a heady list of mid-career sculptors, all very well-known in Victoria for their curious and at times, intellectually inspired offerings.

Welch, one of our city’s premier art educators, is also a very talented sculptor. Her series of installations, collectively titled Circuitous Routes, was shown at Open Space Gallery in 2009 and included a surprisingly beautiful gallery-dissecting wall of consumer detritus carefully collected and crafted to resemble rough hewn lace. The Imaginary Machine, in essence, furthers these investigations into consumer culture, with an implicit, but thought-provoking reminder of our ever-increasing participation in the quandary of economic growth.

Drawing on the rich examples found in art history, this show brings to mind the potential power of the DIY counterculture and the wonderful hope to be discovered in creative invention. Welch explains, “As we collectively lose our understanding of how machines work, or how we can fix them, this subject is both one of nostalgia but also one that allows us to rethink our relationship to the machines around us. From Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times, to Yves Tingley's self-destructing kinetic machines…artists have long fantasized about the possibility of creating imaginary machines. The artists in this exhibition have been invited to create an ‘imaginary machine’ using whatever medium they choose. The results are surprising, delightful and enigmatic.”

Art talk: Sun, Nov 13, 1pm
Machine-Inspired Drawing Workshop: Sun, Nov 13, 3pm


Christine Clark

Lynda Gammon, Sure

Lynda Gammon, Sure (2016), digital photographs mounted on Foamcore with manufactured cart [Slide Room Gallery, Victoria BC, Nov 4-28]

 Sun, Nov 6, 2016