Monica Tap

Douglas Udell Gallery, Vancouver
November 9 - 22

Artist; Landscape with (1979),
oil on canvas

MONICA TAP is an Edmonton artist who completed her M.F.A. at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1996. While she is a well-established Alberta artist with many exhibits, awards and collections to her credit, this will be the first chance to see her work on the West Coast.

People who love the work of Canadian artists Dorothy Knowles and Bettina Lewis will appreciate Tap's sophisticated landscape style, which responds to the challenge of creating an illusion of deep space on a flat surface with a minimum of representation. She dissects the pivotal elements that indicate a sense of form and depth, and suspends them in abstract collections of dots and dashes reminiscent of contemporary random dot stereograms. As the eye relaxes, her shapes and spaces coalesce momentarily into recognizable images.

For the past year, Tap's paintings have been based on slide projections of 17th Century Dutch and Flemish landscape drawings. Using them for both content and stylistic referents, she has made delicate variations on the themes and styles established in this historical genre.

© Mia Johnson