Karen Yurkovich: The Elements
Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver
April 24 - May 10

Autumn (1995)
oil on canvas

KAREN YURKOVICH is a young Canadian artist who has been studying Italian Renaissance painting and restoration techniques since her graduation from the University of Alberta in 1990.

After living and working in Italy for several years on her own, Yurkovich recently received a Career Development grant from the Alberta Heritage Fund to apprentice with a prominent Italian restorer. Through him, she studied 13th to 16th Century techniques, with an emphasis on the work of Caravaggio.

Her current paintings are a direct outgrowth of her experiences in this milieu. Glowing, detailed fragments of Renaissance-like content are placed against simple backgrounds that have the colors and textures of Rome. Her trompe de l'oeil vines and fruit are graceful and formal as well as decorative and lush, with the disquieting illusionism that results from the graphic treatment of sculptural elements. In this way, they come closest to the sensibilities of early Roman architecture and statuary.

©Mia Johnson