Jae Dougall, Les Deux Amieux (1996)
oil on canvas

Jae Dougall

Harrison Gallery, Vancouver
May 28 - June 9

JAE DOUGALLcreates high-keyed oil paintings that are dense with saturated colour and exotic still life content. Her style moves between the representational and the Impressionist, and incorporates both European and Oriental subject matter. She composes her inanimate objects, which she paints from life, to evoke emotions in the viewer through the use of textures, bright patterns and analogous colour harmonies.

Jae Dougall is the daughter of well-known painters José and Leila Trinidad who are also represented by the Harrison Galleries. The family moved to Vancouver from the Philippines in 1969. Under the direction of her father, Dougall began painting in oils when she was only 12.

Her paintings imitate her own dramatic life, which has been full of travels and studies around the world. She has attended the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and the University of Madrid. Her travels have also included Costa Rica, Mexico, Singapore and Europe.

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