Jamie Evrard
"The Pentimento Series"

John Ramsay Gallery, Vancouver
November 6 to December 6

Equinox II-VIII, (1997),

JAMIE EVRARD is a Vancouver printmaker who specializes in the art of monoprinting. She produces series of works with one basic composition, which allows her to experiment to the fullest with colour and multi-layered depth. "The Pentimento Series" explores the nuances of overpainting to reveal the earlier states of the image and the diversity of her sources.

This series of monotypes is a rich and unique culmination of many processes and techniques. From initial working sketches, Evrard chooses a composition that will serve as a template for drawing, painting and manipulating the printing ink.

Unlike the techniques more commonly used for monotypes - which involve copper plates and printing presses - Evrard composes on plexiglass working surfaces and uses the pressure of her hands to transfer images onto dampened papers. Some of the papers in this series have grasses and other textures. The fluidity and spontaneity afforded by these means creates some further irregularities and ambiguities in the prints, which she articulates with oil pastels.

© Mia Johnson