John Korner:
Variations on a Lighthouse

John Ramsey Gallery, Vancouver
April 3 - 26

The Lighthouse (92) (1996),
acrylic on canvas

JOHN KOERNER is a senior Vancouver artist whose paintings are often difficult to describe. They are very much about "rhythm" and "composition," with strong Euro-geometric influences. They contain both expressive brushwork and flat polygons of colour. They move in overlapping segments from the representational to the more intimate painter's world.

Koerner's new group of lighthouse paintings is similarly challenging for the viewer. In these, he combines naturalistic Pacific Coast landscapes with arrangements of flowers or vegetation that break up into planes and gestures. His focus is on the lighthouse, placed as an icon near the horizon, as a spiritual symbol of hope and sanctuary.

Koerner's work has been shown and collected throughout Canada, in Seattle and Japan. His explorations of ideas, cultures and the land have previously included such cross-cultural series as the "African Series", the "Balcony Series", and the "Pacific Gateway" series.

© Mia Johnson