Apples & Oranges:
The art of George Littlechild
& John Clair Watts

Atrium Gallery,
Hong Kong Bank, Vancouver
to February 28

Silver Star (1997),
mixed media

THE RECENT WORKS of two Vancouver artists, George Littlechild and John Clair Watts, have been juxtaposed for this signature show. Viewed together, they create dichotomies of the lush and the cool, of passion and restraint.

Littlechild continues to create daring colour combinations in visually assertive imagery. His new paintings mark a time of transition for the artist, as he moves from individual testimonials and personal family portraits to visions of a spiritual homeland.

John Clair Watts presents assemblages of paint and metal that are as circumspect as Littlechild's paintings are exuberant. Steel plates with such abstract cut-out shapes as stars, hearts, arrows or grids are mounted in polished and riveted metal frames. His two-dimensional silhouettes of running horses and three-dimensional fish are playful but edgy. They are contemporary graphic constructions that marry movement with deliberation.

© Mia Johnson