Jack Shadbolt:
Double Dated

Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver
February 4 - 25

Swiss Farm House (1964-1997),
acrylic on paper

British Columbia artist Jack Shadbolt will be 89 on the opening night of "Double Dated". He is a doyen of Canadian art, with work represented in all major gallery collections across Canada as well as numberless private and corporate collections.

This show is as unique as it is unexpected. Following a stroke, Shadbolt has been unable to paint for two years. Instead, he has been working on an inventory of his massive creative production over more than 60 years.

During the process, Shadbolt discovered a large horde of unfinished work. He soon found himself painting again, for longer hours each day, "re-following old suggestions" of themes and thoughts to continue and complete the found imagery. Thus, the double-date on each piece: the first a record of the work's initiation, and the second - 1997 - a testament to the creative spirit that has sustained him throughout most of this century.

In these paintings we find almost a "survey" of his emerging artistic exploration and growth, from the loose and representative watercolours of the 1930's to the explosive abstractions of the 1980's.

© Mia Johnson