The Saidye Bronfman Awards

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria
February 6 - March 29

Michael C. Fortune, #1 Chair Revisited (1995),
Australian lacewood & aluminum

MORE THAN SEVENTY exquisite handcrafted pieces of art are displayed in this twentieth anniversary show of the Saidye Bronfman Award for fine crafts. Some of Canada's outstanding award-winning glass works, wood furniture, bound books, jewellery, porcelain, ceramics and fibre arts will complete their two-year tour of Canadian art centres in Vancouver and Halifax following this exhibit. They will then travel to their final presentation at the American Craft Museum in New York.

"Transformation" focuses on the art of the ten award recipients from the last decade, and includes pieces by earlier winners. The title is taken in part from the idea that personal artistic challenges and technical achievements combine to transform traditions into new expressions. In the process, the limits of "craft" as both concept and object are constantly redefined.

Candidates for this prestigious award are first nominated by members of regional committees. The work of recipients takes a place of honour in the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

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