Christopher Kier: Topography

Newzones Gallery, Calgary
March 5 - 28

Topography Series - Transition (1997),
mixed media

ALBERTA ARTIST CHRISTOPHER Kier has gained a solid reputation for his work in encaustic wax and mixed media. This technically-challenging medium demands skilfully applied layers to create a sense of depth and permanence. In Kier's case, the medium is handled with both deliberation and extreme delicacy.

His new works appear looser than earlier ones, but maintain Kier's signature style of centrally-placed forms positioned in open space. A more ethereal sensibility, a lighter touch, and visually-active layered sections are held captive with smudges that resemble drop shadows and with monoprinted corrugations.

Seen as a whole, the series continues to call attention to the iconic nature of Kier's work, or what one reviewer has called "a powerful objectness". Separately, each piece has a more complex presentation, with active lines and sensual textures.

© Mia Johnson