Catherine McAvity

April 23 - May 9

Bamboo Cloth (1998)
acrylic on canvas

A show of new works by Vancouver Island painter Catherine McAvity will open with perfect Spring timing for paintings based on the plein air tradition of the Emma Lake prairie artists. Using splashes of color to suggest airy background patterns or loose fields of brightly-coloured grass, McAvity captures the linear flow of her still-life and landscape subjects.

McAvity has the good fortune to live by the sea in Sydney, B.C. Her subjects come from her table, her garden, the surrounding neighbourhood, and the rural Saanich landscape. With a strong Van Gogh palette of blues, ochres, umbers and siennas, she composes her images to recede abruptly in vanishing points on the horizon. This underpinning of composition take on a more real and physical quality than the undefined brushwork that suggests the actual textures of the countryside.

Trees and other landscape details serve to punctuate the expanses of colour, but McAvity's emphasis is on the intangible and elusive qualities of light and lushness in the pictures.

© Mia Johnson