Sergio Goes:
"States of Transformation"

Patricia Cameron Fine Art, Seattle
July 2 - August 29

Sergio Goes, Sacred (1997),
toned gelatin print

This Pioneer Square gallery is a recent transplant from Honolulu and Patricia Cameron has brought with her many of the artists she represented there, including Brazilian-born Sergio Goes.

Honolulu is nothing if not multicultural and multiracial, and Goes evinces the fertile possibilities of an East/West confluence in his surreal and magical photographs, printed in sepia tones on rich paper. This present series began with an attempt, the artist relates, to photograph the body in a more ethereal, spiritual way, although he had no exact idea what he was going after or how this could be achieved in other than conventional formulas.

Through experimental shooting of double exposures, "allowing 'mistakes' to happen," a sort of 'collaging in the camera,' together with the close collaboration of dancer Andrea Torres, Goes began conjuring images of unexpected implications and meanings. These were neither the result of Goes' planning or Torres' movements, but were in effect some manifestation of photographic automatism.

In his own interpretation, Goes has "started relating the photographs to the Bardos in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, where the soul goes through different stages of transformation after the death of the body."

"The series," he suggests, "does not try to illustrate the bardos described in the book, but they are a representation of the different states of self, or the different manifestations of self, contained within us..."

© Ted Lindberg