Mogens Vantore

Uno Langmann Gallery, Vancouver
September 26 - October 31

Tulips and Hyacinth,
oil on canvas

In their third exhibition of Danish artist Mogens Vantore’s paintings, the Uno Langmann Gallery presents figurative work collected over the past year.

Vantore’s early artistic training in Copenhagen &emdash; where he was inspired by the then-contemporary painting of Gauguin, Van Gogh and Cézanne &emdash; influenced his work for the remainder of his career. Traces of fat and flattened brushwork, an emphasis on representational impressions, and a strong palette of greens, blues and yellow became dominant in his signature style. Like Van Gogh, Vantore frequently grounded his landscape paintings with small figures that gave them scale, atmosphere and life.

Free-spirited and truly Impressionistic, the 60 paintings in this exhibition are a cross-section of work between 1913-1963. They reflect the push-and-pull of a painter’s life as he travelled between Denmark, France and Spain, relocating his residences as he went and moving with creative ease among panoramic vistas, city scenes, country lanes and interior still lifes. A beautifully-illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

© Mia Johnson