Jamie Evrard

John Ramsay Gallery, Vancouver
October 21 - November 14

Evening landscape remembered (detail)(1998),
oil on canvas

Jamie Evrard's new series of oil paintings might well be titled Formations within a Frame as she explores the compositional possibilities of still life objects and flower arrangements on wooden window sills.

Whether stacked and layered or horizontally aligned, Evrard's fruits, dishes and implements take second place to the strong lines of the mouldings that frame them. Her emphasis is on the balance and counter-balance of the abstractions made by these shapes rather than on their identity as vessels or fruit; likewise, the splayed shapes of flowers and stems against exterior scenes break the deeper fields into fragments with strong identities of their own.

Evrard is a well-established Vancouver painter and printmaker best known for more than a decade's experimentation with monotype techniques. Her imagery has well been described as having "a visceral sensuousness" and exuding "a colourful passion and vitality". More than ever, these paintings demonstrate "a sense of place and knowing".

© Mia Johnson