Stan Douglas

Vancouver Art Gallery
February 27 - May 24

Stan Douglas, Contemporary Set
for Sandmann

A three-month touring exhibition of recent projects by Vancouver artist Stan Douglas at the Vancouver Art Gallery will update local audiences with four of his film/video installations and related photographs.

Douglas, a prolific producer of multimedia work and an avant-garde celebrity, is "coming home" for his first solo exhibition in Vancouver since 1992. His installations have been widely featured in Western gallery venues from Montreal, New York and Chicago to Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Scotland and Venezuela since 1990.

Douglas addresses historical narratives, particularly those related to aboriginal contact, European colonization and transnational migration, through the genres of television and film. He uses "language" unique to television and cinema, such as focus, cropping, creative editing, separate tracks for sight and sound, manipulated projections and film loops, in order to underscore themes of time, place and identity in his work. For example, Win, Place or Show (1998) combines more than 20 points of view of a circular conversation and confrontation between two men in order to point to ways we are constrained by language and architecture. With Nu•tka• (1996), Douglas imagines the moment of first contact between Spanish and English explorers in the Nootka Sound during the 1700s. Landscape images repeatedly shift, register, and shift again in correspondence with points in a narrative soundtrack ostensibly delivered by English and Spanish captains.

The exhibit is supported by a colour publication focusing on Douglas' photographic practice.

© Mia Johnson