Jayce Salloum:

Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
March 27 - May 8

Jayce Salloum, Neutral/Brakes/Steering (1995),
chromogenic print

Bypassing the technical challenges of the photo realist painters who duplicated similar imagery in the 1970s, Jayce Salloum's "22 oz. THUNDERBOLT" series is an installation of variously-scaled photographs of storefronts, show windows and display cases. Surrealist in feeling, with an emphasis on water, reflections, and the highlights of glass and chrome, the photographs were selected and placed in the gallery setting to create an archive of the street such as a pedestrian walking past storefronts might experience.

Salloum captured the idiosyncratic details of merchandise and the signage of commercial advertising over a period of ten years in six different cities: Beirut, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, Paris and Vancouver. The photographs were subsequently scaled and installed to create the syncopated visual rhythm of a virtual street on the gallery walls. Rather than a straight-forward "reading" of disconnected imagery, viewers are enticed towards an impressionistic encounter with his work as a whole.

As a Vancouver artist, Jayce Salloum is recognized for his work in photography, video/media, curatorial projects and community activism. An illustrated catalogue of text and images, produced as an "optical diary" to accompany the exhibition, will form a parallel but associative experience to the installation.

© Mia Johnson