Orion Eastland: Eye Candy

Maltwood Gallery, University of Victoria
December 2, 1999 - December 16, 1999

Orion Eastland: Eye Candy
detail, montaged photography

Orion Eastland is a visual artist who appears equally at home with the language of photography and theatre. In his current exhibition, he presents psychedelic images created from video feedback. They have the colourful brilliance of tie-dye crossed with Mandelbrot sets. Although the pieces were not computer-generated, Eastlandís repetition of background patterns and forms creates the kind of crisp but seamless figuration unique to fractal algorithms. In fact, he uses a complex process of manipulated video feedback, glow-in-the-dark paint, mirrors and black lights to multiply the background imagery. Against these patterns, he has montaged smaller photographs of nude bodies. A close inspection reveals that the body fragments have previously-recorded imagery projected onto the skin. These still-life figurescapes, with their overt sexual references, therefore create a double-entendre between the ìeye-candyî of the processing inks and the subject matter itself. The results are part witness and part performance. At the very least, they are surprisingly disquieting for ìcandyî.

© Mia Johnson