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  Previews Back   November 2003 – January 2004


The Triumph of French Painting: 17th C. Masterpieces from the Museums of FRAME

Portland Art Museum
Portland, OR – thru Jan 4


Lee Bul: Live Forever

Henry Art Gallery
Seattle, WA – thru Jan 11


Open Spaces: Antony Gormley

Buschlen Mowatt Gallery
Vancouver, BC – thru Apr 2004

Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna

Museum of Glass,Tacoma, WA
     – thru Mar 21
G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA
     – Nov 6 - Dec 24

Pamela Masik

Pamela Masik: From Within

Phthalo Gallery
Vancouver, BC – Nov 1-30


Jay Backstrand: Recent Work

Laura Russo Gallery
Portland, OR – Nov 6-29


Jeanne Brennan

Foster White/Rainier Square
Seattle, WA – Nov 6-30


Karen Bubas: Ivy House

Monte Clark Gallery
Vancouver, BC – Nov 6-Dec 3


Andre Petterson: Still not Still

Bau-Xi Gallery
Vancouver, BC – Nov 8-29


Eve Leader: In Absentia

Atelier Gallery
Vancouver, BC – Nov 20-Dec 4


Janice Gurney, Mary Scott, Arlene Stamp: Blind Stairs

Southern Alberta Art Gallery
Lethbridge, AB – Nov 22-Jan 11

Wayne Ngan

Wayne Ngan:
Pure Abstraction Forms

Portfolio Gallery
Vancouver, BC – Dec 4-Feb 4

Cy Xu Bing and Cha Guojun: “Harmony vs. Confrontation”

Art Beatus Gallery
Vancouver, BC – thru Oct 16

“Jacob Lawrence:
The Hiroshima Series”

Hallie Ford Museum of Art
Salem, OR – thru Oct 25

“An Imperial Collection:
Women Artists from the State Hermitage Museum”

Frye Art Museum
Seattle, WA – thru Nov 30

Gary Berg

Seattle, WA – Sep 3-28


Vancouver, BC – Sep 6-Oct 4

Kiwa: Pacific Connections

Spirit Wrestler Gallery
Vancouver, BC – Sep 20-Oct 20

Dan Graham

Contemporary Art Gallery
Vancouver, BC – Sep 25-Nov 2

Tom Cramer

Mark Woolley Gallery
Portland, OR – Sep 30-Nov 1

Cherry Hood: Brüder

Diane Farris Gallery
Vancouver, BC – Oct 16-Nov 1

Linda Stanbridge:
Collection of Solo Works

Winchester Galleries, 1010 Broad Street
Victoria, BC – Oct 18-Nov 5

Craig Sibley

Winsor Gallery
Vancouver, BC – Oct 23-Nov 6



Phthalo Gallery
Vancouver, BC – thru Jun 21

Michael Euyung Oh and
Jooyeon Park: “Archives”

Access Artist Run Centre
Vancouver, BC – May 31-Jun 28

Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz

Laura Russo Gallery
Portland, OR – Jun 5-28

“Permutations”: blown glass
by Australian glass artists

Foster White Gallery/Rainier Square
Seattle, WA – Jun 5-Jul 31

John Cole: “The Enduring Northwest Landscape”

Whatcom Museum
Bellingham, WA – Jun 8-Oct 5

“Transitions in
Northwest Coast Art”

Douglas Reynolds Gallery
Vancouver, BC – Jun 12-26

Seong Eun Ahn and
Sook He Park: “Control”

Centre A,
Vancouver, BC – Jun 13-Jul 20

“The Group of Seven
in Western Canada”

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Victoria, BC – Jun 14-Sep 14

Allessandro Papetti: New Works

Buschlen Mowatt Gallery
Vancouver, BC – Jun 17-Jul 15

Lesley Dill: “I Heard a Voice”

Evergreen Cultural Centre
Coquitlam, BC – Jun 29-Aug 30

Ping-Kwong Wong: “Birds”

Seymour Art Gallery
North Vancouver, BC – Jul 9-Aug 10

Royal Nebeker: “Dreams of There, Memories of Then”

White Bird Gallery
Cannon Beach, Or – Aug 1-28

James Turrell: “Knowing Light”

Henry Art Gallery
Seattle WA – thru Oct 5

Daniel Joliffe & Jocelyn Robert

Ground Station:
Daniel Joliffe and Jocelyn Robert

Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, BC
thru Apr 11, 2003

David Wilson

David Wilson: “Fragments”

Anne Carlson Fine Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC thru Apr 24, 2003

Alex Morrison: Housewrecker

Dinh Q. Le:
“Waking Dreams”

Elizabeth Leach Gallery
Portland, OR
thru Apr 26, 2003

Reilly Jensen

Reilly Jensen:
“Simple Stories”

Baas Gallery, Seattle, WA
Apr 2-May 17, 2003

Alex Morrison: Housewrecker

Vessna Perunovich:

Third Avenue Gallery
Vancouver, BC
Apr 3-26, 2003

Peter Dittmar

Peter Dittmar

Jennifer Winsor Gallery
Vancouver, BC
Apr 3-30, 2003

David Haughton

David Haughton: “Ships, Mountains and the Sea III”

Simon Patrich Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Apr 4-20, 2003

Surface Form

“From Surface to Form”:
William Morris, Judy Pfaff
and Jane Rosen

William Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA
Apr 4-27, 2003

Chen Chieh-Jen and Yuan Goang-Ming

Chen Chieh-Jen and Yuan Goang-Ming: “InvisibleCity”

Centre A, Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Vancouver, BC
thru Apr 27, 2003

Pierre Dorion

The Painting of Pierre Dorion

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, BC
May 2-June 1, 2003

M.J. Anderson

M.J. Anderson:
“Abstract Forms and Figures”

Alysia Duckler Gallery, Portland, OR
May 1-31, 2003

Joanna Staniszkis

Joanna Staniszkis:
“Linen’s Edge”

Ballard Lederer Gallery, Vancouver, BC
May 5-19, 2003

2003 – 02
Alex Morrison: Housewrecker

Alex Morrison: Housewrecker

Catriona Jeffries Gallery
Vancouver, BC - Thru Feb 22

Brian Jungen: Trays

NEWMODULR: James Carl, Brian Jungen, Nestor Kruger, An Te Liu, Damien Moppett

Art Gallery of Calgary
Calgary AB - Feb 7-Apr 11

Andy Gifford: “Stormbird I”

Andy Gifford: “Stormbird I”

Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria
Victoria BC - Feb 13-26

Lucinda Parker

Lucinda Parker

Linda Hodges Gallery
Seattle WA - Feb 6-Mar 1

Boris Cheboksarov

Boris Cheboksarov

Kurbatoff Art Gallery
Vancouver BC - Thru Mar

Ground Station

Ground Station: Daniel Joliffe and Jocelyn Robert

Surrey Art Gallery
Surrey BC - Feb 23-Apr 11

Unfinished Business: Vancouver Street Photographs 1955-1985

Unfinished Business: Vancouver Street Photographs 1955-1985

Presentation House Gallery
North Vancouver BC - Thru Mar 2

Tom Gormally: Portals

Tom Gormally: Portals

Solomon Fine Art
Seattle WA - Mar 3-28

Margarita Leon

Margarita Leon:
Entre Sueños y Realidades

Margo Jacobsen Gallery
Portland OR - Mar 6-29

Alfredo Arreguin

Alfredo Arreguin:
Patterns of Dreams and Nature

Museum of Northwest Art
La Conner WA - Thru Apr 6

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