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Robert Pruitt installation, Koplin Del Rio, Seattle
Robert Pruitt installation, Koplin Del Rio, Seattle

For over 30 years, Preview has helped art and museum aficionados connect with artists’ works and featured exhibitions in Alberta, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon.

The magazine is not only a gallery guide and cultural advocate in the Pacific Northwest; since 1986, it has been recognized by Library and Archives Canada as “a historical record of art produced in this area. Public and museum libraries collect and retain copies of Preview for their permanent archives.”

Preview is published five times per year, with an annual readership of 312,500. 
Where to Find Preview

Preview in print can be found in premium locations throughout Alberta, BC, Washington and Oregon. In major cities these include: galleries, museums, hotels, private residences with concierge service, frame shops, artist studios, art supply stores, bookstores, arts and gift shops, arts organizations, selected cafes and various other locations.

Publication Schedule

Preview is published five times per year:
February – March: February 1
April – May:  April 1
June – August: June 1
September – October: September 1
November – January: November 1

 What our readers say…

“I always find something of particular interest in the magazine. There were a couple of articles this time, especially on the Glenbow’s exhibition of Maud Lewis paintings. I knew her name but really nothing more. The article led me to the NFB documentary Maud Lewis: A World Without Shadows, and I’m also going to look for the film Maudie.”
James W. Wright

“Preview magazine is THE comprehensive guide to exhibitions and galleries in the Pacific Northwest – and it’s small enough to carry in a purse. Thanks to Preview, I discovered a wonderful gallery hidden in an office building and an uplifting exhibition at a church on a visit to Vancouver BC.”
Gillian McConnell

“Chock-a-block of great information. It’s comprehensive and a great read. Preview is the go-to-place for those of us looking to add to our collection or give our brains and heart a buzz. Thanks for the terrific effort to publish the guide.”
Glen Loo

“So very glad you continue providing the public service of publishing Preview. During these shelter-at-home torture times your guide keeps me engaged and relishing doses of culture ahead.”

Laramie Trevino