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2516 Bridge St

Victoria, BC


HOURS: sat & sun 12-4pm.
COVID protocols in place.

Nov 13-28
to gather…again. Featuring: Alison Bigg, Laura Feeleus, Karina Kalvaitis, Clare Lannan, Erica Mattson, Regan Rasmussen, Chantal Solomon, Sandy Voldeng, Rachel Vanderswet, Jennifer Wilson. An exhibition by arc.hive studio members celebrating their diverse practices after prolonged periods of isolation due to the pandemic.

Dec 4-19
Chantal Solomon: Cast Back and Forth. Using found objects, natural locations and reflective photography Chantal Solomon explores the intersections between our individual journeys, nature and the future of our communities.

Jan 8-23
Leah McInnis: In a Book. The psychological space of reading is explored through dismantling and restructuring the architecture of the printed paperback novel in this installation created as a means to connect with the artist’s maternal grandmother.


arc.hive artist run centre gives space and voice to inclusive collaborative practices in contemporary art, including: visual, performative, writing, video and sound. The centre provides studio spaces for 9 artists/composers/writers and maintains a small gallery for exhibitions and performances in support of emerging art practice.

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