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603 South Main St

Seattle, WA


HOURS: thu-sat 12-5pm; First Thursday 12-8pm. and by appt.

To Nov 27
C.T. Chew: Non Sequitur
. New works of ink on paper prints and silk scarves.


BONFIRE is an art integration practice, a community gathering space and gallery, and a design practice. BONFIRE integrates art, culture and design through services, exhibits, advocacy and community events. Located in Seattle’s historic Panama Hotel, BONFIRE is a place where people gather to connect with art and design.

For Bill Gaylord, owner and founder of BONFIRE, community engagement is the wellspring of civic vitality and professional effectiveness, expressed through his leadership that champions the value of art, architecture, and urbanism in public life. Bill is dedicated to connecting people through art and the power of design.