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114 Third Ave S

Seattle, WA


HOURS: thu-sat 11am-4pm.

Nov 4-Jan 15
The Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) 2021 Members’ Exhibition: Towards Resilience
examines themes of resilience, perseverance, and re-engagement contextualized within the pandemic realities of the past eighteen months. Fifteen selected artists offer variations on these themes juxtaposing the figural against the abstract and the natural against textile and draftsmanship. Featured CoCA Artist Members include A. Rawkson, Joan Beard, Tatiana Garmendia, Sarah Banks, A. Reginald Brooks, Esra Ebru, Jody Joldersma, Kevin E. Regan, Maggie Mackin, Neil Berkowitz, Brenetta Ward, Steve Jensen, Suze Woolf, Vinaya Rao, and Kree Arvanitas.


Selma Waldman, In Focus