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555 Nelson St

Vancouver, BC


HOURS: tue-sun 12-6pm. Free admission.

To Jan 2
Faye HeavyShield: New Work. HeavyShield presents a pair of new works in sculpture and drawing, each a meditation on lineage and line. An unbound sculpture, ropelike in form, anchors the exhibition, accompanied by a series of gestural drawings that recall the shape of a memory.

Charlene Vickers: Ancestor Gesture. Vickers brings together a selection of new and recent works covering more than ten years of output. From rhythmic abstractions inspired by the quillwork embroidery of her forebears, to a monumental cedar bone bead rendered as a teaching, to a suite of shimmering line drawings that index energy, spirit and breath, the exhibition highlights Vickers’ engagement with a broad spectrum of concerns, spanning meditations on power, protection, kinship, and healing.


The Contemporary Art Gallery is a leading venue for contemporary art in Canada, showcasing innovative exhibitions from local, national and international artists. Offering free access to everyone, we promote the knowledge and understanding of contemporary visual art through exhibitions, events, publications, learning, outreach and community engagement programs.

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