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Flux Media Gallery

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1524 Pandora Ave.

Victoria, BC


HOURS:  tue-fri 12-5pm.

Exhibitions celebrating MediaNet’s 40th anniversary. We will have a series of 5 exhibitions showing works by local artists who are long-time members.
To Nov 5
Richard and Susy Raxlen.

Nov 12-26
Grace Salez and Judith Price.

Nov 30-Dec 10
Lindsay Delaronde, Steven Davies and Kristina Campbell.

Dec 14 -23
Farheen HaQ and Scott Amos.
There will be a birthday celebration at FLUX Gallery on Dec 16, 4-6pm.


FLUX exhibits innovative media art works by local, national and international media artists, providing artists and the community a gathering place for the exchange of ideas and dialogue on media arts practice.

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