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Gage Gallery Arts Collective

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19 Bastion Sq

Victoria, BC


HOURS: tue-sat 11am-5pm; sun 12-4pm. Free admission.

Nov 2-21
The Other Side: MJ Hughes. A solo exhibition of paintings that look across, through, and beyond–towards something else evoked in the landscape.

Nov 23-Dec 12
One of a Kind. A holiday show featuring Haren Vakil, Tanya Bub, Laura Feeleus, June Higgins, Shannon Holms, Marnie Faunt, Karen Kaiser.

Dec 14-Jan 2
Refuge. Where art gives refuge from our realities featuring Ilke Bauer, Leslie Bell, Elizabeth Carefoot, Anna B Grant, Gabriela Hirt, MJ Hughes, Jane Michiel.

Jan 4-23
New Beginnings. A group show where established Gage artists welcome their newest members.

Opening Jan 23
Finding Home. Marnie Faunt and Karen Kaiser explore the joy of and longing for home.