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1-258 E 1st Ave

Vancouver, BC


HOURS: tue-fri 11am-6pm; sat 12-5pm.

To Nov 13
Sara Genn: Looking for Colour. The vibration and rhythm of colours, as they relate to each other and express their independence from others, is the primary inquiry in these minimal, abstract paintings.

Nov 20-Dec 18
Danny Singer: New Work. A photographic study of the towns that have shaped and been shaped by the Prairies is relevant in a whole new way in 2021.

Dec 4-Jan 8
Pierre Coupey: Work on Paper. This exhibition brings together a select group of paintings and prints on paper that Coupey has done in recent years.

Opening Jan 22
Brendan Tang: Reluctant Offerings. In his solo exhibition, Tang expands on earlier projects using joss paper: a Chinese cultural practice wherein paper replicas of objects and money are burnt as acts of sending gifts to loved ones in the spirit world.

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