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Il Museo, Il Centro, Italian Cultural Centre

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3075 Slocan St

Vancouver, BC


HOURS: mon-fri 10am-6pm.

To Dec 20
A Celebration of Sculpture: The Sculpture Society of BC in honour of Charles Marega 150. Twenty-two sculptors from across BC: Suzy Birstein, Louise Solecki Weir, Georgina Lohan, Anyuta Gusakova, Alen Fox, Parvaneh Roudgar, Atefeh Ankami, Vivian Chiu, Sylvia Escobedo, James Fletcher, Claudine Gervry, June Matheson, Cat Mudryk, Goetz Schuerholz, Bill Thomson, David Walker, Ralph Heading, Goetz Schuerholz, Ron Simmer, Kathi Bond, Lorenzo de Francesco, Veronica Waechter Danes, Angelo Cavagnero.


The Italian Cultural Centre Museum is devoted to the history of the Italian community in the Lower Mainland. In addition to the permanent collection, the Museum produces four new exhibitions a year focusing on Italian art forms of all varieties, encompassing both the traditional and the post-modern. Previous exhibitions have included: tapestries, paper marbling and bookbinding, and displays on Italian opera.

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